Fatigue Frames







Low Cycle Fatigue to ASTM E466, E606 & BS 3518 gives fully flexible recording and display of hysteresis loop   

Low cycle fatigue is associated with high strain fatigue where a fatigue cycle incorporates a component of cyclic plastic strain. 

Fatigue failure generally occurs in a relatively small number of fatigue cycles, typically a few thousands of cycles, compared with hundreds or thousands or millions of cycles in normal fatigue failure.

The fatigue cycle may be load, extension, stress or strain controlled or a mixture of these modes. Frequently, dwell periods are incorporated as part of the fatigue cycle and these may be from some seconds to many hours duration.

Cycle rates for low cycle fatigue are normally less than 1 Hz. Low cycle fatigue is generally conducted at elevated temperatures between 200C to 1100C.

Sophisticated data capture techniques are required to minimise the quantity of data collected whilst retaining the integrity of the test. Critical cycles are analysed to determine stress and strain components.

The most common specimens used in LCF testing are:

         Hour glass

         Parallel-sided, plain or ridged

         Common cross-sections including: round or tubula

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